Livestock plays the vital role in the economic growth of agricutural country like nepal. Without livestock production a country can't withstand the encreasing demand of people. In order to develop the country, livestock business should be disciplined and it should increase the living standard of farmers through use of better technique and increasement of its products.
         Similarly, Poultry sector plays a grate role in the development of the country. It is one of the commercially recognized business in nepal. In order to fulfill the protein demand, poultry meat, egg are good sources. Many small poultry interpreneurs and large large poultry farms are established in the country. Nepal in now being independent in the poultry production. Poultry meat, egg consumption has greatly increased in the country over the last few years. In order to achive higher production, there is need of quality feed. Without quality feed; containing all the essential elements (Energy, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Other feed additives.), one Can not ask for more output. So taking in the mind of growing human population and their protein demand, poultry production needs a greater improvement. To cope with this demand Annapurna Agro Industry is established in 2007 AD with main moto of "producing high quality pellet feed". It is one of the leading pellet feed company in Nepal.