Bagdulla,Pyuthan Training Program

On the date 2070-03-07 Annapurna Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd organised a training programme in Bagdulla area of Pyuthan district. Around 70 farmers were present in that programme.The programme was basically focused on the Poultry Management,Biosecurity,Vaccination and Poultry diseaseThe training was given by technical chief  of Annapurnaago industries Dr.Prakash Kandel and Dr.Birendra Shrestha.The programme ended with a intraction with farmers from that region and they  were very happy  to have such progrm in their area.According to them they gained a lot of knowldge about commercial poultry rearing.Overall it was a fantastic programm that made cosumers and producers more close and some how solved their problems related poultry rearing.It has encouraged us to conduct such  program in remote hilly regions h